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Intuit’s Education Program provides complimentary accounting and tax software to educators and students across Canada, and is dedicated to empowering people in accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship.

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Help students secure a job post-graduation

Teaching QuickBooks Online is crucial to students finding a job and here’s why:

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How it works:

Determine which software you need for your courses: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or ProFile Tax Software.

Complete the registration application for educators.

Your application will be reviewed within 3 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email containing the information you need to receive the software for your course.

Follow the instructions in the email to obtain the software and access materials.

How Intuit’s Education Program helps educators:

  • QuickBooks and ProFile have broad applications, and can be incorporated into business, math, and entrepreneurship courses as well as finance, accounting, and tax programs
  • Software engages students through hands-on practical application of theoretical learning
  • Educators can access all student accounts with a single login
  • Integrated software complements 21st century learning
Benefits to educators
Benefits to students

How Intuit’s Education Program helps students:

  • Free, best-selling software
  • Students can use Intuit software on their own device
  • They don’t have to invest in new hardware
  • They don’t have to book extra time in the computer labs
  • Working in professional software provides students with real-world skills and experience
  • Prepares students for the job market

QuickBooks is the world’s #1 accounting solution

Free, up-to-date software

We provide complimentary copies of best-selling accounting & tax software in Canada:

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Accountant and Plus Editions are cloud-based accounting software solutions. QuickBooks Online enables students to access the software from anywhere and complete coursework both in and outside the classroom.

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QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

 QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Edition 2018 is easy to teach and learn. The 2018 version is loaded with new advanced features to help increase productivity which include easier and faster search, new reporting filters, and little things to make managing the books easier.

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Intuit ProFile


ProFile is our industry-leading professional tax software. ProFile Suite provides students with the entire suite of tax products: T1, T2, T3 & Forms Expert.

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“We don’t have time to always show them. They need to come in with enough, or we’re not
going to hire them.”

“Everybody I hire has to write a test. Half of it is how would you do this using QuickBooks software. I want them using 90% of the features; using the program means they’re being efficient for both us and for the clients.”

Diana Thorne, Owner, CPA CA
Targeted Accounting

See what accountants have to say:

Andrew Wall

Andrew Wall on accounting software

Dianna Thorne

Dianna Thorne on experience

Andrew Wall

Andrew Wall on financial literacy

Wasim A. Ismail

“In the beginning of my career as an entry level accountant I was introduced to QuickBooks and Profile and was most impressed with them… Both are easy to navigate and very user friendly. I would highly recommend that anyone using competing software to make the switch today.”

Wasim A. Ismail
Instructor, MBA, PBA

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* The world's #1 online accounting software' based on number of paying customers and accountants worldwide, June 2016.