ProFile: Professional tax software 2016

Easy to use and easy to teach, ProFile helps your students quickly learn the basics of professional tax preparation, as well as more advanced exercises, such as filing T2 corporate tax returns.

The leading choice in professional tax preparation software.

Get your students started with the best and most reliable platform.

T1 carry forward

Tax preparation is a key component in the education of future tax/accounting professionals and ProFile is an industry leading professional tax preparation software, used to produce over 17 million EFILE tax returns over the past 5 years. It's also the only Canadian tax software that offers 100% guaranteed accurate T1 calculations.

The Intuit Education Program uses the ProFile Federal Tax Suite, our most comprehensive ProFile software. It offers a long list of time-saving features and includes the full range of tax returns, from individuals, corporations, to trusts. Plus, it includes instant, easy access to virtually every tax form you'll ever need.

This complete FREE solution will help you effectively teach your students how to manage the tax and financial planning needs of their future clients.

Other ProFile Federal Tax Suite advantages include:

  • Easy access to tons of features designed to meet your students’ needs
  • Time-saving features
  • Guaranteed accuracy for T1 returns
  • And more